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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

NanoSILICON, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification, a globally recognized management system standards.
This major and significant accomplishment is in full support of our commitment to creating and maintaining quality processes that ensure consistency, visibility, and accountability across our sales, operations, and quality control platforms.  
We extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and suppliers for their continued loyalty and support, and together with our dedicated team, look forward to bringing NanoSILICON to new heights in the months and years to come.

About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Founded in 2010 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified in 2022, NanoSILICON, Inc. is located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  NSi incorporates process tools capable of accommodating 50.8mm through 300mm wafer diameters.  NSi provides virgin test and prime wafers polished in house, or factory sealed from major wafer manufacturers.  NSi reclaim service capabilities continue to improve with tighter particle specs and TTVs.  NSi oxide services offer thicknesses starting from 500Å, batch thickness uniformity ±5%, within wafer uniformity ±3%.

What truly separates NSi from other silicon wafer suppliers is our intense focus on quality control while offering competitive pricing.  Our experienced production team and sales representatives strive for continuous improvement.

Industry background

The space we live in

From the birth of the first commercial silicon transistor produced by Texas Instruments in 1954, silicon wafers have increased in demand.  Si wafers allowed the miniaturization of electronics that have become part of our daily lives.  Inside cell phones, televisions, refrigerators, cars, and just about any electronic device we find computer chips and in turn find pieces of Si wafers.

An estimated 12 million silicon wafers of various diameters are used annually by the semiconductor industry.  Approximately 33 percent of all Si wafers in use are discarded yearly.  During the economic downturn, several semiconductor manufacturers initiated Si wafer recycling strategies to help reduce expenses.

Company profile

What we do

Constant pressures for cost reduction and fluctuation in silicon pricing demands quality virgin material at an economical price. Companies that manufacture semiconductors or semiconductor equipment gain further efficiencies through the increased re-use of silicon wafers within their production processes.  Furthering our customer’s cost savings NanoSILICON, Inc. goes a step further by offering in house reclaim services.  Using the latest polishing and wafer reclaim technologies, the San Jose based NanoSILICON, Inc. is well prepared and strategically positioned to provide customers higher quality silicon substrates and services at a competitive price.

Our mission

What we envision

As a service organization, we are guided by our relentless focus on customer service.  We strive to partner with our customers through unique and innovative solutions, product selection, and consistency.

Our vision is to be a recognized performance leader in the Silicon wafer market.  We constantly strive to implement critical initiatives required to achieve our vision by operational excellence, unparalleled customer service, and a dynamic environment for our employees.

Reclaim Wafer Process Flow

  • Received

    Upon receiving the shipment of wafers, NSi gives all customer wafers a unique lot number which will remain with the wafer batch through the process.

  • Sort

    The sorting department is an area equipped with thickness and resistivity gauges.  At this stage, we bin wafers into categories according to customer’s specifications.

  • Strip

    This step calls for the removal of topology / film stacks that may be on either side of the wafer.

  • Polish

    This process begins with removal of stock, focusing on surface planarization to eliminate scratches, pits, and any other surface defects.

  • Finish

    This step represents our final buffing area, also known as the second stage polish.  In this area, we ensure that each wafer will be haze-free.

  • Clean

    NSi RCA clean uses a mixture of chemistries that include SC-1 and SC-2 processes.  We also incorporate a megasonic cleaning step to ensure low LPD levels.

  • Thin Film Processing (Tox) - Optional

    Thin film (thermal oxide) processing with thicknesses from 500Å – 100,000Å.  Batch thickness uniformity of ±5% and within wafer uniformity of ±3%.

  • Quality Control Inspection

    Each wafer that passes through this area is visually inspected by our quality control operators, focusing on customer specifications that have been agreed upon and tailored for each client.

  • Quality Assurance

    If a single wafer fails, the entire batch returns back to QC inspection for a 100% review.  If necessary, each batch will undergo 100% rework to meet all customer specifications.

  • Packaging

    We organize and securely package all wafers for delivery based on individual customer specifications and shipping instructions.

Why NanoSILICON, Inc.?

We are a mid-sized, proactive company with an aggregate of 50+ years in the silicon wafer business. We value our commitment to this industry.

What is wafer reclaim?

Wafer reclaim is a combination of wet chemical processing and mechanical planarization followed by resurfacing and extensive cleaning.  This process removes deposited blanket films while restoring the mirror finish and providing a guaranteed particle grade cleanliness.

Why reclaim wafers?

Manufacturers need to reduce their silicon costs, and reclaiming their wafers is a critical step in that process.  NSi reclaim services offers our customers a way to reduce their material costs by extending the life cycle of wafers.

Reclaiming Wafers for a Greener Tomorrow

Wet and Dry Thermal Oxide Processing

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